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About us Warden Partners is a full-service
corporate advisory partnership

with a focus on mergers & acquisitions, policy advocacy and corporate development serving clients with an exclusive focus on blockchain technologies, financial services and the digital economy.

Our Philosophy

We help clients pursue strategic opportunities, identify key priorities, enter new markets and enhance shareholder value by providing a blend of tactical advice and premier execution across a broad range of industries and geographies.

Aligning ourselves closely with our clients' vision for each project and putting exceptional client service and commitment first is at the core of our firm's philosophy.

Warden Partners - Our Philosophy

Our finance web site offers a comprehensive range of financial services to help you manage your money more effectively.

Warden Partners - Mergers & Acquisitions Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Buyside and sellside execution
  • Strategy & Sourcing
  • Broad industry coverage
  • Procurement and sale of shell & licensed companies with or without banking facilities
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Warden Partners - Sovereign Practice Sovereign Practice
  • Fintech & crypto policy advisory
  • Innovation incubator structuring
  • Privatization and nationalization transactional advisory
  • Digitalization advisory
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Warden Partners - Generalist Advisory Generalist Advisory
  • Corporate development solutions
  • Transaction opinions
  • Regulatory and licensing advisory
  • Strategic & restructuring advisory
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Warden Partners - Capital Raising Capital
  • Private funds advisory
  • Private placement advisory
  • Equity capital raising
  • Debt capital raising
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M&A FOR THE DIGITAL ECONOMY Discover our current active deal flow.

We specialize in sourcing and selling regulated entities worldwide. Explore our coverage, and discover our tailored execution capabilities.

Warden Partners - Active Opportunities
Global Coverage
Electronic Money Institutions
Securities Dealers
Corporate Banks
Cryptoasset Exchanges
De-Fi Projects
Series C+ Startups
Asset Managers
Venture Capital Funds
I-Gaming Companies
Policy Advocacy Groups
Founding Partners
Warden Partners - Viktoria Soltesz
Viktoria Soltesz

Founder & CEO of the market-leading banking & payment orchestration consultancy- PSP Angels, Viktoria leads the Capital Raising and Generalist Advisory sides of the business. With numerous CFO appointments under her belt, and a frequent invited speaker at the key blockchain and banking conferences worldwide, Viktoria is a trusted global authority on all things regulatory and fintech.

Warden Partners - Mark Walsh
Mark Walsh

Co-Founder of SAXE Global, and a career investment banker beforehand, Mark oversees the Corporate Finance and Sovereign Practice sides of the business. Mark also holds numerous advisory positions in regulated payments and cryptoasset exchange companies in Cyprus and Switzerland.

Independent Advisors
Warden Partners - Julian Goffin
Julian Goffin

Julian is the former CEO of Finductive, and a C level Payment expert with over 10 years experience within the payments industry.

Warden Partners - Dejan Dekic
Dejan Dekic

Dejan is a seasoned entrepreneur, sales professional, startup advisor and partner at RnD Capital.

Warden Partners - Alberto De Nova
Alberto De Nova

20 years of experience in international business development, with focus on investment opportunities, merge&acquisition in various sectors, including financial, pharmaceutical, real estate, new technologies, startups, and green economy.

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